Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Two people who use the My Guide service

The My Guide project trains volunteers and connects them with people whose visual impairment is limiting their ability to get out and interact with their community. We aim to build confidence and independence.

Case study 1: 

Mr A has diabetes and suffers from poor eyesight and bad blood circulation in both his legs and therefore lacks mobility. With age his condition has worsened and now he is heavily dependent on others and confined to his home. The My Guide Project Coordinator approached him and explained the project’s aims he immediately showed his interest and soon after a volunteer was matched up with him.

Mr A started using the public transport from his house in Pudsey to the city centre and the bus drivers on the route got to know of his condition and thus could help him if he needed any help. He got his confidence back and because he was going out he was less depressed and no longer felt lonely.

Case study 2: 

Mr B has got number of physical disabilities besides very poor eyesight and is heavily bound in his wheel chair. He is very lonely and loves to keep in touch with his community and lacks the confidence and doesn't have any idea whom to contact. The My Guide Coordinator introduced him to a volunteer who befriended him and started taking him out to community centres, shops pubs and a even a day out.

Mr B was very happy once again that he was being taken out to places where he could stay in touch with his community and introduced him to local pubs and shops. He felt happy after going to such places after a long time.

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