Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Roshni Project case study - helping clients with multiple needs

Mr Y is 56 years old and was a self employed taxi driver. During the last 3 years Mr Y started to lose his vision due to Diabetic Retinopathy.  Mr Y also suffers from Type II Diabetes with severe end organ damage and chronic kidney disease which requires dialysis 3 times a week.  His main carer is his wife.

Mr Y was referred to ABA by a Rehabilitation Officer at Leeds City Council. A joint visit was made to Mr Y by ABA’s Support Worker and the Rehabilitation Officer and an assessment was carried out.   

Mr Y stated that he was struggling and very worried about not being able to get up and down the stairs and was sleeping downstairs at night due to fatigue and pain.  When attending hospital appointments, Mr Y needed assistance to walk as the exertion made him breathless. His wife accompanies him everywhere to avoid danger.  

A claim was made for Employment Support Allowance as well as Disability Living Allowance to help them financially. ABA’s Support Worker told the client about the Blue Badge Scheme to help with parking when they are out and about, especially when attending hospital appointments. An application form was completed and within two weeks the service user had received a Blue Badge. Mr Y’s carer is now able to park close to where they need to go to make it easier for Mr Y.  

As the couple were not entitled to any means tested benefit due to their personal circumstances, Mr Y was paying for his medication. The Support Worker advised them to complete a FP92A application form and to get his doctor to sign to confirm his condition to entitle him to medical exemption certificate.  Mr Y had a permanent fistula and was Diabetic and so was entitled to free prescriptions.  
Referral to Adult Social Care for an Occupational Therapist Assessment was made.  A banister rail was put in on the stairs to help with getting up and down and an assessment for a walk-in shower was also agreed.  Mr Y has now been granted with a stair lift which will enable him to be free and independent when accessing the stairs and using the bedroom and bathroom facilities upstairs.

We made a referral for low vision aids and Mr Y has been loaned magnifiers to help him read.  A white walking stick was provided by the Rehab Officer and gadgets, including liquid level indicator for the kitchen was provided to help him when making a drink for himself when his carer was not about.  

Mr Y said that he had given up and thought he was dependent on family for the rest of his life, but with the help and support received from ABA it has given him hope and confidence to keep going.

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