Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day trips for ABA members and carers - York, Bridlington and Leicester

We have three trips arranged this Summer for people who use ABA services. These trips give people an opportunity to relax and socialise, as well as to explore and experience new locations. If you'd like to come along on any of these trips or find out more about them, please talk to your support worker or any member of ABA staff.

York National Railway Museum - Friday 16th August

Photo of National Railway Museum by Flickr user Ingy the Wingy
This is a free trip for people who use ABA services. We'll be leaving Leeds about 10am and returning by 5pm.

The museum has a display of historic railway engines and carriages (some going back to the earliest days of steam railways) and information about the history of the railways both in Britain and abroad.

To find out more about the National Railway Museum, visit their website.

Bridlington - Thursday 29th August

Photo of Bridlington sea front by Flickr user Sheffield Tiger
Our annual seaside trip for service users, carers and children. The trip costs £10 for adults and £5 for children. We'll be leaving Leeds at 9am and returning by 7pm.

Bridlington, in East Yorkshire, is a popular seaside resort and also an active fishing harbour.

Leicester - Thursday 3rd October

Photo of Haymarket Memorial Clocktower in Leicester by Flickr user Roger4336
This trip is for ABA service users and carers. The trip costs £3 per person. We'll be leaving Leeds at 9am and returning by 7pm.

Leicester, in the East Midlands is an historic city, believed to date back to before the Roman invasion of Britain. It's a popular shopping destination and also home to a number of museums, including the National Space Centre.

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